Veterans Student Organization

The Veteran Student Organization (VSO) is a Tier II student organization of UConn undergraduate and graduate students that support veterans at the University.  The VSO regularly hosts social events, holds care package drives, and works to ensure incoming veteran students are as welcome as possible.  Although most members are veterans, this is not a requirement!

Some events that you can participate in with the VSO include rock painting, veteran’s late night, hikes, movie night, volunteer work (such as supporting local boy scouts and girl scouts), and free attendance and recognition at the Military Appreciation  Football game, and at guest speaker events.

vetrockspring2 VSOt shirt


Meet the 2020-2021 Organization Executive Officers

President:  Louis Crisci, Navy Reserve

Vice President:  John Ling, Marine Veteran

Treasurer:  Liliana Chong Cuy, National Guard

Secretary:  Bradley Kelle, Marine Veteran


WVGinDCMae Flexer Ultimate Sacrifice 01-13-2016



From Left to Right: Paint the Rock, VSO travels to DC Memorial, Senator Mae Flexer visits the VSO, April 2017 VSO Ball (bottom 2 pictures)

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