College Credit for Military Service

Credit for military service 20170808

Please bring your DD-214 Member 4 copy to the VAMP office, or you can scan and send it to  If you are an ROTC cadet, the credit is contingent upon the written approval of the appropriate Department Head.  Courses will appear on UConn transcript and be assigned a grade of “T” and will be considered unassigned electives.

You may also be able to get college credit for being stationed in, or for deployments to, foreign countries.  This credit will be issued as a three-credit course, MISI 92001 Foreign Study in Military Science, with the following requirements:

  • Honorable service
  • Proof of being stationed/deployed to a foreign country for 90 days or more
  • Completion of a written assignment
  • Interview with the VAMP (Veterans Affairs & Military Programs) Director

Please contact Alyssa Kelleher at for more details about the requirements for the written assignment and to request a meeting once the written assignment is complete.  Currently, this course will be creditable as an unassigned elective, and will be assigned a grade of “T” on the UConn transcript.