Active Duty Orders

Leaving on Military Orders?

Whether you’re in the Guard or the Reserves and you are called up on Active Duty Orders, or you’re leaving UConn for military training, there are some steps you will need to take in order to take a leave of absence from the University, which will also make it easier for you when you return.  Once you know the dates that you will be on orders, even before you receive those orders, you should take the following steps:

  • Contact the Dean of Students office (undergraduates) to get the process started. They will help you understand:
    • At what point during the semester are you leaving and how that impacts your classes
    • When will you return from your responsibilities in the military and when you want to return to UConn
  • Graduate students contact the Graduate School to start the process and to understand the impact on your classes, graduate assistantship (if applicable), and financial information.
  • Contact UConn’s Office of Veterans Affairs & Military Programs (VAMP) to discuss how your military orders will impact your Educational Benefits, particularly if you’re using Federal VA Benefits while attending school.
  • For Students NEW to UConn: If you’re planning to enroll in classes at UConn, but haven’t started yet, please email the Admissions Office at to request a deferral.

What to do before you return from fulfilling your Military Orders:

  • Apply for Readmission (undergraduates) to UConn through the Dean of Students Office at (Note: students on Military Leave of Absence will be readmitted, notwithstanding academic or legal issues)
  • Graduate students request reinstatement through the Graduate School
  • If you are planning on using your benefits when you return to school, remember that once you register for classes you will need to submit a Form D to UConn’s Office of Veterans Affairs & Military Programs

Things to Consider/Common Questions:

What if I’m going away for only a week or two for training?

Rather than withdrawing, it’s best to work with the Dean of Students or the Graduate School and UConn’s Office of Veterans Affairs & Military Programs proactively, along with your professors, to get work ahead of time when possible.

Can I take an “Incomplete” for my classes when I leave and complete the classes when I return?

Yes, but please be sure to work with your professor(s) and the Dean of Students office or Graduate School first to determine whether taking an “incomplete” is the best option for you.  Students typically only have until the 3rd week of the following semester to resolve any “incomplete” grade on their transcript before it gets changed over to an F.  Undergraduate students who need an extension to resolve any “incomplete” grades can complete an Extension of Incomplete Form which needs to be signed by the professor and submitted to the Dean of Students Office.

What documentation may I be asked to provide when I leave/return?

The Dean of Students Office or Graduate School may ask you to provide a copy of your military orders when you request to leave. Upon your return, UConn’s Office of Veterans Affairs & Military Programs may also ask for a copy of your paperwork associated with your deployment/mobilization/training (i.e. DD-214, etc.), particularly if there are changes to your benefits.  (Please Note: Always be sure to keep your own copies of these documents, as you may need to provide them elsewhere too).

How will my VA Benefits be impacted when I leave the University?

Normally, when students using Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits drop classes after the drop/add period, the VA may generate a debt (that you have to repay) which can include all the money paid toward your tuition, fees, book stipend, and BAH.  However, unanticipated active military service (including active duty for training), qualifies as a mitigating circumstance and may reduce your debt.  Regardless of what benefit you are using, it’s important to notify UConn’s Office of Veterans Affairs & Military Programs of your need to drop classes due to military orders.

What should I do regarding other Financial Aid that I have outside of Veterans/National Guard Benefits before I leave?

Be sure to review and follow the guidance on the Bursar’s office website, particularly if you are receiving any scholarships or student loans.

When I return, what do I do if I’ve earned additional GI Bill Benefits on my most recent time on Active Duty?

You will want to get a new COE (Certificate of Eligibility) with your updated benefits levels or types. (Note: You can get an updated statement of benefits by contacting the VA GI Bill Hotline at 1-888-442-4551).

What should I do about on-campus housing, especially if I’m out on orders and won’t have access to apply/select housing?

Students who participate in military programs or active duty may not have access to personal computers/internet during Residential Life processes or application deadlines. If you would like someone to be able to make these choices on your behalf while you are away, please complete the Residential Life Proxy Consent Form located at:

  • Students can proactively complete this form at any time and Residential Life will work with your designated contact person (proxy) to make any account changes while you are away from internet.
  • Please note that your contact person/proxy will need to contact Residential Life directly to request any updates or to make changes to your account. Residential Life does not always know when you will be away from your computer/internet for extended periods of time.
  • Please make sure that your FERPA information is also up to date before you leave so that your FERPA Designees can discuss your account information with University staff while you are away. Please note that unless the Residential Life Proxy Consent Form is also submitted, your FERPA Designees will only be able to discuss items on your account and will not be able to make any changes or submit applications on your behalf.
  • If you have specific questions about this form or process, please contact Residential Life at