Summer Sessions 2020

Summer 2020 – What is considered full time?

How are VA educational benefits calculated during Summer semesters at UConn? During the summer, UConn offers split sessions (May, SS1, SS2, AS1, AS2, SS3), which are referred to as “accelerated sessions” by the Federal Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The VA will therefore accelerate the pay status in proportion to the length of a split session. Consequently, full time course loads will be different for students enrolled in the split sessions.

Please download and use the MS Excel worksheet below to find out what is considered  full time.

(Note: Click on the “xlsx” above the spreadsheet to open and save).

It is also useful to see which weeks you will receive your full MHA.  Just enter the credits being taken in each session.  Remember to put in any non-conforming dates as well as the credits associated with those classes.

The calculator below will help you determine what your course load is considered by the VA.  Remember, for FT status, undergrad course load must be the equivalent of 12 credits, and grads must have the equivalent of 9 credits, as listed under RATE OF PURSUIT.

To use this calculator, enter in the amount of credits you are taking during each session.  Your Rate of Pursuit (ROP) will then show.  Your payment percentage for MHA will show in the second section.

If you have classes that have start dates or end dates that do not match any of the established summer sessions, your ROP needs to be calculated by using the nonconforming terms boxes. You must put the start and end dates into the nonconforming terms fields, and then enter in the number of credits you are taking during that nonconforming term.

DISCLAIMER:  This calculator is for planning purposes ONLY.  While we have made every effort to ensure that the calculations received from this tool are correct, the VA is the final determining authority as to your ROP, and eligibility for benefits.