University of Connecticut


Form D

Students receiving VA Educational Benefits must submit this form to Arjona 340 for each semester.  Completion and submission of the Form D is required prior to the UConn fee bill deadline of an upcoming term.  Student veterans will not be processed for benefits without completion and submission this form.  Form Ds submited past the UConn fee bill deadline could incur late fees.


Connecticut Veterans Tuition Waiver Application

Student veterans who are eligible for the Connecticut veterans tuition waiver should submit their completed waiver applications (with required documentation) to Arjona 340 prior to the UConn fee bill deadline of an upcoming term.  Once approved, the application will be filed and reused by our office for subsequent terms until the completion of the student veteran’s specified academic program.


Application for Individualized Tutorial Assistance

Student veterans who are receiving, or interested, in receiving reimbursement for tutoring assistance may make a claim for up to $100 per month with a 12x maximum limit using this form.  Please check the special provisions section to determine your eligibility and make sure to follow the instructions located on the back of the form when applying.