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Regional Campuses

The University maintains eight campuses throughout the state including the main campus at Storrs, the Health Center in Farmington,  and the Law school in Hartford.  Each of these locations provide excellent course and program options that veterans and members of the military regularly take advantage of.  As such, each of these campuses have dedicated staff to serve as Points of Contact for veterans and military affiliated students at their specific locations.  Below is a listing of all the POC’s at the regional campuses.  For campuses that do not have a POC, please contact our main office in Storrs at: 860-486-2442.


Campus Representatives

Certifying Officials:

UCONN has 3 certifying officials, 2 located on the main camps in Storrs and 1 in Farmington.  Dan Kowlachik is responsible for the main campus in Storrs, while Rob Passmore is responsible for the branch campuses.  Barbara Ricketts is responsible for The Health Center in Farmington

Daniel Kowalchik | Phone: (860) 486-2442 | Fax: (860) 486-5283 (Main Campus – Storrs)

Rob Passmore | Phone: (860) 486-2442 | Fax: (860) 486-5283 (All other campuses, other than Health Center in Farmington)


UConn Health Center (Farmington) 

Certifying Official:

Barbara Ricketts | Phone: (860) 679-2990


Veterans Point of Contact:


Groton Campus | Avery Point

Jeanne Martin | Phone: (860) 405-9017


UCONN Hartford/UCONN School of Social Work

Peter Tribuzio | Phone: (860) 570-9227


Hartford Campus | MBA

Mia Hawlk | Phone: (860) 728-2416


Hartford | Law School

Lisa Dar Rodino| Phone: (860) 570-5142


Stamford Campus

Genoveva Arce | Phone: (203) 251-8506 | Fax: (203) 251-8556


Stamford Campus | MBA

Celina Torres | Phone: (203) 251-0196


Waterbury Campus

Kit Casey | Phone: (203) 236-9829